Sound Art Arizona – In the News

La Phoenikera Magazine


The first stop was to see Sound Art Arizona, an organization that explores arts in which sound is the fundamental means of expression. Kristen Miologos, Jimmy Peggie and Chris Piraino, are artists who use sound in different capacities as a means to create, in the case of Peggie and Piraino, sound sculptures with retro tech devices, as if they were taken from a Roger Corman sci-fi.

Miologos, for example, presented Sonic Textile Garter Stitch, a sound installation in which it weaves wool over a Moog theremín in combination with a Boss RC-1 pedal looping. The purpose is the repetition of the echo of those who existed before her. “This repetitive act becomes a ritual that weaves all our gestures collected through time,” he describes in his artist statement. “The work not only results in matter, also in the ephemeral collection of time and movement. The repetitive movement of his hands weaving wool with the rods generated sounds that were documented by the mentioned instruments and amplified for all.”

Phoenix Trolley Museum