Sound Art Arizona is a non profit organization dedicated to exploring the uses of sound in contemporary arts practice. It was founded in November 2017.

This organization is dedicated to help and support individuals interested in exploring art forms where sound is the fundamental medium.  We also provide information and outreach programs to visual artists, art institutes and galleries.

Organizational Mission: “To provide a supportive environment for those people who are interested in sound as an art form in Arizona, USA”

Sound Art Arizona was founded and is curated by sound artists Jimmy Peggie and Chris Piraino.

Sound Art Arizona – Events

This free monthly Sound Art series includes presentations, performances and discussion. Attendees are welcome to listen the work of sound artists and participate in open discussion. We encourage new sound artists and beginners to attend and participate. If its your first time feel free to just observe until you feel comfortable – we are very open and supportive!

If you are taking part – we prefer a discussion of your sound art piece – e.g. what are the reasons behind your composition? Our current expectation is an approximate 5 minute explanation of your project followed by a 15 minute sound presentation.

(Please note that Sound Art Arizona performances are not about the playing of specific instruments, e.g. guitars, synths, etc – or indeed about music – even experimental music – it is about sound and its use in the realm of art. The sound source can be anything – though we do distance the event from any relationship with music and thus are only interested in sound – as opposed to works featuring traditional harmony or musical concepts. Therefore we are not looking for people to come along and play an instrument or view it as a platform to show skills, as an open mic situation or to teach about a musical instrument or platform).

That said – we are absolutely open to new presenters – if in keeping with the overall concept of Sound Art Arizona.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or for more information! We look forward to interacting with sound artists and interested parties throughout Arizona!!

Feel free to contact us with any questions or for more information! We look forward to serving sound artists throughout Arizona!!